Spring has arrived and new products in stock

Spring has arrived and new products in stock

Spring has arrived and new products in stock

The first day of spring arrived with calm settled weather and some warmth to dry out the ground soaked by winter rains. 

We have some new products in stock in the 'For the Rider' section eg. resistance bands and wobble cushions. I'm a great believer in Pilates and have a few of the tools we use at the Pilates class I go to regularly. I wanted to have quality products that are used by professionals so have sourced them with that in mind as well as keeping the price reasonable. I'll be adding more products in this section this month.

Testing our balance and learning about how our body moves as well as creating strength and flexibilty are so important for riders. How often do we see horses whose way of going mirrors their riders posture? For how horses to perform the best they can we need to make the effort to help them achieve this by riding the best we can.

I have more products arriving soon for horses- supplements and topical creams and something that will be very useful in anyone's tack room! 

My favourite product this month is Chaste Tree Berry Powder- I've been given it to the old pony who has the onset of Cushings and the grumpy teenager gelding and I do believe it has made a difference to both of them. It must be quite palatable mixed in their feeds as they gobbling their feeds happily. I could have done with it a few years ago when I had a moody mare!

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