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About Horse Supplies NZ

I have been involved with the equestrian industry for over 30 years initially as a part owner in a tack shop which was a great learning experience and for the last 18+ years selling herbs and supplements. As well as selling supplements I worked for an equestrian publication for a number of years and also for a saddle business and a tack store.

How did I get into selling herbs and supplements? A family member owned a company importing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients and as I had already discovered the benefits of these for my own horses I began to buy them in bulk and sell them. I also could have faith in the quality of what I was selling as I knew they were travelling overseas and inspecting their suppliers' facilities.

Over time I have added in other products from trusted companies to complement my range for horses, riders and dogs.

I got my first pony at age 11 after years of nagging my parents and for the first 10 years belonged to a pony club in Auckland. I did all manner of riding and like most children was game to try anything! 

Later we moved to a rural area and discovered the joys of having horses at home. I became immersed in the local horse scene and when my daughter was born it added a new dimension to horses taking her to pony club and competitions. She is an adult now but we still ride together when possible.

Riding these days is more sedate but I still spend time each day involved in the care of the horses. Keeping my horses and dogs happy and healthy has always been vitally important to me. 

And where you have horses you generally have dogs and with a growing number of people including myself using supplements for our dogs as well as horses it made sense to stock a range just for them!