Calcium Powder

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Size: 500g

Calcium in the form of calcium carbonate - supplement and food grade quality

500g, 1kg or 2kg size options

High quality food grade source of calcium for horses where supplementation is necessary.

Horses may require the addition of calcium in circumstances such as high cereal diets or the grazing of high oxalate grasses such as kikuyu. Kikuyu is lower in calcium and higher in phosphorus than other grasses, which contributes to body-wide mineral imbalance. It also contains oxalate chemicals that bind calcium in the gut, reducing calcium digestibility and availability.

Most calcium in the horse is found in bones and teeth but it also plays a role in other important bodily functions such as muscle contraction, the function of cell membranes and some enzymes as well as blood clotting.

The amount of calcium required will depend on the how much work they are getting and for example is higher in lactating mares. It will also depend on how much calcium they are getting from food sources such as feeds with calcium added and other grasses and lucerne.

We recommend you take the factors above into consideration when working out a dosage and ask advice from an equine nutritionist or use a tool such as feedxl.

As an example we have a Stationbred in light work grazing kikuyu with some hay and a small hard feed  given 20grams calcium carbonate.

Suggested amount 2/3 to 2 1/2 tablespoons daily (10-40 grams approx)