Bee Kind™ Complete Leather Couch Care Kit

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Bee Kind™ Complete Leather Couch Care Kit

Everything you need for the care, protection and restoration of your leather chairs, couch, sofa or furniture in one easy pack enclosed in a canvas bag, including instructions. Ideal gift.


1x Bee Kind Leather Glycerine Soap: A high quality, natural glycerine humectant based soap made with beeswax, lanolin and pure essential oils of tea tree & eucalyptus oils. Cleans away heavy dirt, grime and soil stains. Preserves leather, prevents brittleness and keeps leather soft and supple. Includes beeswax for added protection, lanolin for quality conditioning and tea tree and eucalyptus to inhibit mould and mildew, preventing stitching from deteriorating.
Works on all leather surfaces and leather colours.  Use the beeswax saddle soap to gently clean your leather from dirt, mulch, and other debris. Removes stains
and doesn't strip oil from leather, being a humectant glycerine based neutral pH formulated soap for top quality leather. 150g tin


1x Bee Kind™ - Beeswax Leather Upholstery and Leather Couch Conditioner: Bee Kind leather polish is 100% natural and provides a soft, satin finish no other product can achieve. There are no neuro-toxic petroleum by-products, no solvents and no artificial fragrances in this recipe.
When applied to leather, the product deeply penetrates the surface, coating each individual fibre with a balanced application of natural oil, feeding the leather
and making the leather much softer. The wax revives older leathers that have become very hard, brittle and dried out. Easy to apply, you can use your hands
without fear of harshness or toxicity to your skin. Tea Tree, Sweet Orange, Lemon & Eucalyptus oils prevent stitching from breaking down and prevents mould
and mildew on leather. What can harm quality leather is mould growing on the leather. It feeds on the fibres, eventually the leather goes dry and powdery
similar to dry rot in wood. Just putting on oil will not repair the leather. If an oil or conditioner has a solvent in it, the solvent could also destroy the quality
finish. 250g can


1x Bee Kind Leather Oil: A quality leather oil made with high-grade plant oils, beeswax, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. Designed for quality
leather & bespoke leather garments and formulated with oleic-rich plant oils, beeswax and vitamin E. Provides a deep shine while nourishing,
protecting and revitalising all types of leather. Includes beeswax for added protection and certified tea tree and eucalyptus oils to inhibit mould and mildew,
preventing leather and stitching from deteriorating over time. Works on all leather surfaces and colours and restores dry leather and repels water and
penetrates deeply into the leather surface. Restores sun faded leather. Excellent for touch-ups between applications of Bee Kind Wax. Can be buffed to shine
or polished over with gorgeous results.  
Contains no harmful silicones, animal fat, petroleum, solvents or paraffin. Non-greasy formula. Application: Apply as often as necessary to polish and restore
leather. Frequent application will continue to hydrate, extending the amount of time between conditioning. 250ml bottle.


1x High-density quality plush polishing glove