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B group vitamins are essential for the conversion of chemical energy that occurs within the muscle fibres. Under grazing conditions, the daily requirement of B Vitamins is produced by the micro-organisms in the large intestine. High grain intake lowers the intestinal PH with a resultant drop in vitamin B production.

A diet low in B vitamins has shown to have a negative effect on athletic performance. Human studies have shown that when athletes were restricted to less than half of their daily requirement for vitamins B1, B2 & B6, a significant drop in performance occurred. Similar studies in Equine athletes have shown that supplementing with vitamin B1 prior to competition improved performance by reducing the accumulation of Lactic Acid in the muscles. Horses in training benefit from B vitamin supplementation for several reasons:

  1. The production of ATP increases with exercise, therefore so does the requirement for B vitamins.
  2. Digestion of high grain diets leads to a fall in the pH of the large intestine, which in turn alters the micro flora population. The result is a net decrease in B vitamin production.
  3. Studies have shown that supplementing Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) in the diet has the effect of reducing post exercise lactic acid levels.
  4. Betaine has been scientifically proven to reduce fatigue and improve recovery

B Boost paste contains high levels of all the essential B group vitamins in one single oral dose syringe. It also contains Betaine, which is the precursor of DMG (Dimethylglycine) an amino acid metabolite, in other words Betaine, is metabolised to DMG in the liver. It is a naturally occurring nutrient in plants and animal tissues. As a supplement for horses it is proven to reduce lactic acid build up and assist oxygen utilisation. The result of supplementing Anhydrous Betaine (in B Boost) to horses prior to exertion and after exertion is reduced fatigue and it enables a faster recovery. In human sports it is utilised as an ergogenic aid, meaning something that enhances athletic performance, particularly in endurance and resistance exercise. This effect occurs through favourable lactate and preferential fatty acid substrate metabolism.

It is also an organic osmoprotectant that helps stabilise water content in cells helping to reduce osmotic stress which can occur in conditions of heat and or water loss. In other words, Betaine is an osmolyte that holds water in the cells of the body and so they remain hydrated, helping to reduce heat stress. Additionally, betaine may be involved in defending intracellular volume and protecting enzymes of the citric acid cycle, which are challenged in progressive dehydration and hyperthermia associated with exercise.

Research has also found that Betaine is hepatoprotective meaning it acts as protection to the liver.

B Boost contains no prohibited substances so is safe to use prior to competition, and should be administered 12 to 24 hours prior to a long journey, an event or race and after the journey, event or race to assist recovery, also every few days for horses with poor appetite or under stressful conditions. It is ideal for any recovery situations.

Dosage: Full 30ml syringe when required

Active Ingredients Per 30ml dose:

Betaine 1500mg
Vitamin B1 180mg
Vitamin B2 180mg
Vitamin B3 500mg
Vitamin B6 150mg
Vitamin B12 1500µg
Folic Acid 150mg
Inositol 750mg