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eCalm by Nettex

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eCalm is a non-magnesium, natural calmer for horses.

 Its prebiotic like functionality has been shown to influence the horses natural gut microbiome which in turn supports calmness and well-being as well as supporting gut functionality and the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat. 

Developed by leading veterinary surgeons and scientists with proven, statistically significant results.
Trials published in Veterinary Times 2016 and 2018 demonstrate the positive effects of feeding eCalm to horses with poor behaviour.

  • Results published in Veterinary Times, 2016​ and 2018

eCalm was shown to significantly decrease the high behavioural scores of horses in a  trial. Behaviour including kicking, nervousness, excitability, ears back, tenseness and unwilling to work dramatically decreased within two weeks in horses that were fed eCalm.

Use once daily in feed.
Amount to be fed daily based on weight of the horse:
350kg 13hh 15gm (1 level scoop)
500kg 15hh 20gm (1.5 level scoops)
750kg 17hh 25gm (2 level scoops)

Ingredients: Fermented wheatgerm

1kg tub